At Night

There is a sound at night
A sound that ever screams
The sound is always right
And always fills my dreams.

There is a frightened child
Running through darkest night
Terror running so wild
Filling swiftly with fright.

There is a rising moon
A sun so far away
The dawn can’t come too soon
And hope won’t seem to stay.

The Day After Christmas

The presents are gone
But we didn’t speak of Jesus
The Word became flesh
And I think we forgot.

The number of dead
That weigh on my soul
None of them have come
None of them died and rose.

But heavy my heart
With grief and pain
Forgive me my blindness
That keeps me from joy.

“Good tidings,” they said
Listen my heart
Despite the decades of pain
Please be still and believe.

Dear God

I rise weary and feel the heat of the sun
My joints ache and the warmth begins to soothe
The kindness of God to me is always constant
In pain and in sorrow
When I rise and when I lie down
Great is your compassion towards your servant oh Lord
Praise be to your name forever.