All these trips

Round and round the sun

I wonder what it’s for

I wonder when it’s done.

People just don’t see you

Hurting as they are

Heads so heavy laden

A glimpse seems just too far.

And so we walk on by

Missing sister, brother,

And we rarely see

The hearts inside each other.


The Broken Questions

Is there a home for me?

Somewhere in this frightful world?

Is there a place for me?

A place where I can fit?

Is there a reason I am here?

Could someone please convince me?

I see the beautiful put in the ground

And all the ugly are still around.

I hear the good weep late at night

And all the bad just want to fight.

I feel the pain of of restless weak

Who do not know what they could seek.

The rain will come again.

But for now I am grown weary.