5 thoughts on “Since Things are dire…

    1. I, in my place
      To so see a world
      Cannot but cry
      As I look out
      And as I sit
      Unable to reframe
      I see that there also good.

      I will learn to see,
      But even harder
      For myself
      I will learn to speak,
      And the hardest,
      I will learn to do.

      1. I hear the pain in your voice
        The struggle.
        Yet it brings solace
        There is truth in the good
        You see
        Focus on what we can
        All the rest is not up to us.

        So very grateful to hear from you again. Hope you are well.

          1. Silence is what fills the air when we yearn to remember a beloved voice. Yet write you wish to speak…
            The silence cannot take away our voices that whisper your words to ourselves.

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