About the Road

I was once told that the journey’s the thing.  I had to travel many miles to find out that I was even on a journey.  Sometimes you have to walk.  Sometimes you have to hike.  Sometimes you have to climb.  And sometimes, and this is key, you have to let and or get someone to carry you.  A soul has a long way to go to find its home.


70 thoughts on “About the Road

  1. Just wanted to come back & remind you that you do not make the journey alone–though some days & nights it seems that way (I well recall). God bless you today, sojourner–He is With You! As are many of us!

  2. I can sooo relate to this. Even when we know we aren’t alone, it sometimes takes a lifetime to let go and relax into our higher (sacred) self – which always knows the way. Namaste!

  3. I really don’t know what that means. I would pretend to and say thanks for the comment– but then I would miss out on an opportunity to maybe learn something. For starters… what does “Namaste” mean?

  4. I wanted to send you “greetings of Faith”. When I read your work, I feel the ache–but I know any efforts at “pep talk” or “preaching” might not avail. We all have “seasons”–just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thanks for visiting me. You are in my frequent prayers.

  5. Wanted fo flag you down in your journey long enough to say thank you for commenting on my “A Perfect Fit” over at 20 Lines A Day. I’ll take some time to wander about in your own blog now. 🙂 Happy Holidays by the way!

  6. Thank you for dropping in to my blog, the picture is a snapshot of my mind or how it is at times. You have a lovely blog here. I hope that when your soul needs carrying there is someone or something there to help you. Happy Christmas!!

  7. Remember, you are not alone “on the road.” Love is always by your side.

    I enjoyed reading your writings so much that I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

    You can find your nomination in my blog.

  8. A Soul Walker,
    I was thinking… How would you like to guest blog on A Clown on Fire, and host one of the editions of Sunday Haiku? Say around October 14?
    Le Clown

  9. hey, guy! greta stuff you ahve on here! i like ot think im a very spiritual person..but as for organised religion…im not too sure about that! too many religions say they will save your soul, but thats when youre dead…who knows what happens when we die…nobody has reliably died and come back to tell us! it could all be a fairy story…wouldnt it better to just live like a sensible human being..help each other ..live for the next person as well as for yourself…and when the time comes to leave the world..leave with a smile…who cares what happens after that…nobody knows….just my penny’s worth….no offence to anybody..

    1. I do not know what you think “living like a sensible human” really means and why you think you should help anyone. More importantly, I do not believe you care one bit about anyone’s feelings on the matter of organized religion… if you did, you wouldn’t have taken the time to say any of this, especially not that way…

      But why are you telling me your “thoughts” on organized religion? Is there something you really think that I specifically should know about? Do you have a question that for some reason you think I would be qualified to answer? Do you happen to think you have an idea about what my own “thoughts” on organized religion are and so you want to start a discussion?

      Also… “who cares what happens after that…”? Really? You don’t want to offend anyone and you threw that in?

        1. I do not even think I understand that expression in this context… but if it helps I have not been offended by anything you have said so far. I don’t know why you said it… especially to me… but… I understand so little in life that I am not surprised that I miss something from a stranger.

    1. Um… I think most religious people I have met believe that… which makes me wonder why you are saying it and who you are saying it to. And what blinders do you think that I actually have on?

  10. Your about page is nice but a little sparse like mine. So far I’ve really liked everything I’ve read of yours. I guess I’m intrigued and I’ll keep reading. I like the company you keep, too. Nice to meet you.
    Lisa or Grippy

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog Soul Walker!
    This life is definitely quite a journey.
    I can use a little more carrying. But – it’s not easy to let that happen. I guess it’s more of a trust issue. Plus – I tend to fall into the I don’t want to bother others along the way category. I’ll keep trying though…

  12. We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our wandering will be
    To come back to the place we began
    And know it for the first time.
    Hmmmm, that is approximately TSEliot, one of the four quartets, but I was too lazy to look it up. I am not sure the soul can find its home. I think perhaps realizing its home is the real goal. But that is all nonsense too probably. Moses said, (approximately) “O Lord, you have been our habitation in all the ages” and he said it while they were wandering in the desert. Perhaps the most basic observation was “What a long strange trip its been”?

  13. I love the way you’ve put the metaphorical journey into words…”A soul has a long way to go to find its home ” – this is really nice, I must say 🙂 I’d really like it if you’d visit my blog and comment on it too – has got such abstract poems…

  14. So…how is the journey going? Are you really hiking in those mountains of snow each day? How do you support yourself? I was thinking of leaving everything…and going on the road…maybe one day I will…Namaste…I see that you asked that question of one of your commentators early on in this particular post…I will offer my limited explanation…as I am fairly “young” in the Buddhist thinking. “Namaste” …for me…means that I recognize the LIGHT of God’s Love within You and you recognize it in me…we are interconnected…timelessness..no ego-connection…we recognize the soul in each other….it is an acknowledgment that we are all one when connected to the heart of LIGHT

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