With My Morning Coffee

Oh soul I cry even unto you

Hear the words that you have heard

God has come and He has died

And He has risen up again

And he has saved and is saving

your all and every part.
Hear the message you have known

Even in your sin and shame

Even in your darkest pain

Know that He is truth.
He, the truth, has set you free

And adopted you Himself

And is forming you anew

To match your heart of flesh.
Oh my soul hear anew

The message you have heard me give

May the gospel now become

The place where you now live.

Listen My Heart

And did I not say in my heart,
“How can we accept the Lord’s forgiveness.”
And did I not act as though I knew better than Him?
Yet He has been patient and merciful.

The Lord raises up and He brings down
He creates and He destroys
It is He who will judge
And I will not judge him.

Found While Lost

I hadn’t realized it had been so long
But now I see it has
And now I see another thing
The time has left a hole.

The days of sinking in the night
And writing down the feelings past
Have given way to different frights
And here I find myself.

Let the glory fall from me
And let it rise to him
Let the fury run its course
As the lights will dim.