The poems on this blog are almost all unedited first drafts.  When you are reading them it is likely that I do not really love what you are reading. I believe that is covered in the “first draft” part of things, but just to be clear. I will post one poem a week. I may (if interest is generated) consider posting revisions- including (again, if interested) revisions of poems that readers select.

Also, I find it interesting that God uses poetry.


43 thoughts on “Poems…?

  1. First time I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to poems. You’ve inspired me take up poetry writing again. The creative juices have been dry lately for me. I’m going to fix that real soon. That’s why I decided to nominate you for the VBA award. =)

  2. Glad to have had that effect on someone. Writing is like working out- you have to do it a lot and do it consistently to get results. Also, I don’t really know what the VBA award is… but that is not surprising… the things that I notice are often not the things that everyone else does. Thanks.

    1. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who didn’t know what the VBA is. It stands for Versatile Blogger Award and I believe you deserve a nomination simply because you’re poems are unique. I understand about writing being like working out. I guess I just write too much because I’m a research analyst. =) I haven’t really thought about writing poems in a long time. That’s gonna change soon as there’s something I want to write about.

    1. I am so very glad to hear it. If anyone wants to write well they have to write often. It’s the motivation that cannot be given or faked. Language has a magical mystical quality that we often forget. Happy writing to you. Cheers.

  3. Love the ? after poems.
    I think these days I tend to call almost any collection of words that conveys ideas without being prose a poem but there was a time when I thought a poem had to meet all sorts of criteria that my scribbles and word doodles wee unlikely to meet.

  4. I write for my general blog but started to get back to poetry using Writing Our Way Home’s blog’s “Small Stones” exercise for daily poems so I like what you do here. It got me going again. I enjoy searching for others’ poems and will read more of yours. Pilgrims we are we all; seeing the path illumined by Divine Light/Jesus makes all the difference, yes. Stop by my blog one day All the best.

      1. I do, though classes can take up a lot of time. The stuff on my WordPress isn’t very good. The good stuff bares my soul, so it doesn’t get posted. Was that a concern for you, to begin with? Just curious.

            1. Caroline Guidry,

              I don’t know that I ever had until I started this particular blog. Which doesn’t mean there weren’t long periods of time during which I wrote a poem every day… but it was never as a plan… except when I started writing poetry… which was in elementary school… That was on a schedule for school… I hadn’t thought of that in a long time… thank you for reminding me… it may seem strange, but that memory has made me smile.

              -Soul Walker

                  1. That’s awesome. I’ve recited poetry on a summit in England. I don’t get to travel much, so it was a cool experience, thinking that I was reciting some of Wordsworth’s poetry while looking at the same things he did.

  5. So, if I may ask–what happened to you blog from 2011? That was where I first met you–and remember “Planetarium”? I’ve lost count of all the blogs I opened and deleted in 3 yrs–one of my “regulars” is certain I’m CIA or something! (still Caddo, no matter what the user name says)

    1. Caddo!

      This is still the same blog. Changes have occured (of course) and are occuring- yet it (and I) are still here (as are all the poems from that time). I miss Planequarium. He was so good it was just amazing.

      -Soul Walker

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