That Fading Light That Warms My Soul…

Oh sweet light of a dying sun!
That gives its last to light my way
I take your heat and pass it on
That sweet life may rise today.

Oh black heart that burns so fierce!
I know you hurt and hurt and hurt
I know you enemy, dear friend
I feel the pain that makes you hate.

Oh sweet mother who gave me life,
I pray I do not die like this
Let your prayers for me take wings
And the heavens send me your gentle kiss.

Please Be Well

When others feel the gentle breeze

I don’t mind the storm that way

When others feel the sun kiss light

It takes the blazing heat away.


When others fall in love so true

I can bear my lonely heart

When others share a warm embrace

I can see a way to start.


When others find their joy and peace

I can walk the shadowed valley

When others whisper sweet release

I can make it through this alley.


Please tell me that the world is right

And things aren’t all that bad

Please show me with your very life

That things are more than sad.


Don’t let me think that this is it.

That what I feel is all

Don’t let me think that right is wrong

And darkness covers all.


Please show me that I’ll be ok

By being well yourself

Don’t let the night be all the day

Please be well yourself.