Will Someone Teach Me…?

I think I should learn to dance
So many analogies of beautiful things
Compare those things
To dance…

So why not dance?
Dancing can be beautiful
And beauty holds a connection to truth
(though what we could not say)
And truth is necessary
For real love-

both to give it
and to receive it.

Pretty Things

I watched the sunrise over the desert hills this morning
And I remember the waterfalls up north
And the first time I saw a breast I wasn’t supposed to
And how the clouds clung like loose towels to the mountain top
And then they fell away.

The first time I saw a band of wild horses running free
I cried when the sun broke through the clouds
And as hair fell down her back
So I once saw a mountain move.

The giant Orca came near our boat
And we saw her children play
And sometimes I need another’s smile
And still I might just crash.

But one day then forgiven
Even I will see
The beauty so created
That resides in me.

Dear God,

Help me with the weight of heaven
It presses on my soul
I feel it when I see her eyes
And long to be made whole.

Help me with that grace’s burden
It weighs me down so low
I feel it when I see her locks
And yearn for I don’t know.

Help me with such gentle comfort
It hurts to try and dream
I feel it when I hear her speak
But I’m too worn to scream.

Help me with my own forgiveness
I cannot see the way
But when she smiles the troubles fade
And night becomes the day.

To Compare

Women never seem to appreciate
being compared to horses
Which is strange
Given how magnificent and
full of glory
horses can be.

I am sure I would appreciate
being compared to something
something magical
something I should appreciate
something I should take in
something that I don’t.

You are beautiful
like a horse
running wild
in the hills
and full
of the echoes
of majesty.


You intrude
upon my thoughts
and in my dreams
and in my mind
and when I see you I feel pain
and cannot help
but remember
just how alone
I really am.

Lord above have mercy.

Christ have mercy.

God have mercy upon me.

Where is your kingdom
that I may turn my gaze?
How will I seek
what I do not understand?
Teach me oh Lord,
who made the heavens
and the earth
and I will know you.

Your beauty grows
every time I see you
and my heart skips a beat
and your voice is soothing
like water over stones.
I am vile and a beast
Be well beauty
you from afar who reach me
you who haunt me in my waking dreams
Be well.