Believing Words

The villain is my heart
And fear a shield of pain that does not deflect
The wounds it gives just from holding
Make it’s protection naught
I cannot give up in this great fight
But it has been so long
And as my heart and spirit fade
I lose that joyful song
Let the villain turn around
And let the time be now
Fear is not the answer hear
And life will soon abound.


This Dance

Dearest of the dear I beg you for this chance

I never thought that I might last to ask you for this dance

The lights are low and candles burn

Please let me take you twist and turn.


The moon is out right over there

I can see it looking past your hair

I can see it looking past your dress

Perhaps I’ve simply made a mess.


But you look so amazing here

And though I trip and stutter dear

I hope that you will take the time to see

What’s inside that I may be.


I dream that you can see a thing

Inside of me that I cannot

And love me from the first bell ring

As I fight this awful lot.


So let me have this dance tonight

And let it be the way you dream

And maybe I can last the fight

And maybe more if you would deem.