Kitten on lap rumbling

      like the thunder tumbling;

Connecting the currents above

      with the currents of bonding love

Between the caregiver

      and the supplicant shiver.

   Purrs and rumbles barge

      to connect the small and large.

Strokes of care

      to bind dependency to sustaining dare.

  Copyright 2012, Rose C. Byrd "granbee"


i marvel in its power and feel it anew
its soft immortal glow ever true
it becomes newly born in me
i see its light
i feel its warmth
i know its truth

recreating itself for just us mere two
yet existing before the very first two
there is strength in its tenderness
and passion at its core

however fitfully
i strain to contain its loveliness
it flows forth and becomes
the essence of us all.


Desert Abbey II Postponed… a week.

I got a chance to do something. I’m going to do it. It is, however, away from the internet and phone. If anyone is interested in submitting a poem on the theme of “Connections,” you have another week (next Friday instead of tomorrow). Cheers to all and have a great week if I don’t post anything. Send submissions for the Desert Abbey II to:

This e-mail address is also up top of course. I look forward to reading. Cheers.

On The Desert Abbey II…

The Desert Abbey II will “convene” soon. The theme is connections. There are so many… which is why we can play the Kevin Bacon game (don’t worry, we won’t do that here… I think…) The connections between people are often the most significant aspect of our lives (especially when we don’t want to admit it). The lack of connections is… painful. There is plenty to write about and even more to meditate on. I have been posting a few poems on connections myself in the past few weeks to help prime my own pump (you can search for them if you so desire) for the writing experience. Now it is your turn. If you wish to participate (new-comers always welcome) please submit a poem (or more than one) on the theme of “connections,” to me via e-mail (see the fancy “contact” page up top) by Friday July sixth. I will then post the poems (most likely by sometime on Monday) for all to see. Comments, discussion, and thoughtful critiques are welcome and reblogging is encouraged. I look forward to seeing your work.

On Desert Abbey II, “Connections”

I hope some of you are still considering contributing to the next Desert Abbey on the theme of connections. Keep thinking, meditating, writing, and searching your archives. Multiple submissions are allowed. Controversial takes on the topic are aloud. Discussion is welcome on, during, and after the event. Is it the first time you have ever submitted a poem to anything even remotely public? Come on down. We welcome you. I would be delighted to have every single one of the lovely and talented poets who contributed to the first gathering return for this second gathering (now named the “Desert Abbey”). Feedback and questions are always welcome. And don’t worry too much, I’ve had my feelings hurt before. It’s OK to say what you want to say. My contact information is above under the cunning title, “Contact.” I know, I’m so clever. Luckily, e-mails do not concern themselves with time-zones.

On the Desert Abbey II

For the next installment of the Desert Abbey (Desert Abbey II) the theme will be connections. If you are interested in submitting a poem for Desert Abbey II I suggest you begin thinking/searching/writing now. People need other people. Those connections are very important. And why would we not want to write about what is important to us? This gathering is open to anyone and I encourage all types of verse. Poets, let us get to the heart of it– it is, after all, what we do best, is it not?

On a poetic gathering, or The Desert Abbey

The group of poets who contributed last time was great. I loved reading different poems on the same theme. Thank you everyone who participated. Since I was happy with the turnout (small as it was) and more importantly the quality I have decided to try it again. I have a name for the endeavor: The Desert Abbey. I would like to hear suggestions for topics for the next Desert Abbey. Feel free to leave suggestions (and any other comments) in the comment section below. Cheers.