Fragmented Dream

Enter in this open place
And lock the door behind
Sweep the floor and dust the sill
Take all the change you find.

Right the chair and clean the beer
From off the floor we spilled last night
Start the stove and warm the pan
And beat the eggs and milk just right.

Make the coffee; make it strong
Let the smell and sound appear
Wake me gently with voice and hand
And hug me close my dear.

Come What May

To dance another dance
Another twirl, another spin
Another dip, another bow
Another tale to be in.

To laugh another laugh
And make another smile
To share a funny joke
And feel free for a while.

To sing another song
Even if a dirge
To sing it all night long
Till a soul feels the purge.

Let the dreams be kept warm
And the fire warmer still
On the cold winter’s night
Where pain breaks the will.