Fruit Trees and Dreaming

I once was lost in my own world
But then a hand reached down and grabbed
And now I’m waking to the real
And yes, it’s even worse.

I tried to hide from all the pain
And it did not achieve my goal
And now I’m waking to the real
And nothing feels quite whole.

I read the bible every day
And in the book I see them shout
And they, awake, unto the real
Make their feelings known.

But Abraham seems far away
And Lot so flawed that I can’t help
Thinking he would not care for me
My problems seem so small.

Small problems are what took my heart
And made it numb as it can be
And now I’m waking to the real
And it’s too bright to see.

Evil waits on every page
And God is not afraid
Waking up now to the real
I see He’s set the stage.

On Evil

Evil speaks in many tongues
And fire burns from every place
It has touched and left again
That we might see its shadow’s face.

In the alleys back in town
And in the mansions countryside
Its breath is whispered in the places
We would never think to hide.

Is there hope against this tide?
This shifting malice in the night
Who will save us from this mist?
That we cannot yet see to fight.