On a Wednesday, Before

Sometimes people make you feel like an afterthought
And it stings a little
And you want to return the favour.

But love is different
And I was first loved
And people have their own story- especially the people hurting your feelings.

It’s funny,
Having feelings
They are so honest and yet so mysterious.



Things don’t always go as planned
We flirt with things we know are banned
And pay a price that scares the soul
And all those tales they take their toll.

The heart is tricky so it seems
And leads the body where it deems
We never really feel quite free
Unless we come to worship thee.

The blessings that we squandered then
Mock us in our dirty pen
See us to the open grave
At the edge we pray to save.

Death is all around us here
And we have made good friends with fear
Longing for the day you come–
Our ransom was a hefty sum.

I would flee and fly away
Give my heart the strength to stay
If I wonder how you go
Send your angels; make me know.