Changing Everything

But I want to give in
And give up
Better men than me could not change
And who am I?
I want to fall back into darkness
As it gently tears me to peaces from the inside out
In what world could I possibly ever hope to triumph?
In what world could I ever imagine changing?
Who am I that I should think I could be better?
That I could change?

I am nothing.

I am no one.

But then there was the incarnation.

Did not God become a man?

Blood and scales and screaming pain
I beg you to change what I cannot change-
My heart.

Forgive me and show me flying horses.

Restore me and let me be held.

Let that tiny seed grow.

Gifts We Cannot Earn

A late breakfast is better than sex.
That is probably not true
But it’s better than all the sex I’ve had
But that’s the kind you shouldn’t do.

In a church built with stones of prayer
Where the potluck reigns supreme
A broken-down automobile
Can seem like an eternity.

Repentance is a gift
A thing we mostly don’t quite learn–
or learn the hard way,
in suffering and consequence
and we wonder if we could ever
give that gift to ourselves…