It Is Hard To Remember

Sometimes when you open up
A person doesn’t respond
(and they certainly don’t open up to you)
And you feel exposed
And vulnerable
And at least a little hurt.

Sometimes when a person opens up to you
You don’t respond
(and you have no idea what to say)
And you don’t know what to do
And you can tell
That not saying anything hurt.



Do you say the creed?
Do you say the prayer?
Do you still believe?
That the end will turn out fair?

Do you hate the world?
And somehow not yourself?
Who gets out alive?
Who stays on the shelf?

Who gets read for pleasure?
Who gets read for pain?
Who gets read at all these days?
I ask you once again.


Sometimes it feels too hard

And nothing seems to fit

And everything disjointed screams

Way down in the pit.


Sometimes nothing works at all

And everything is wrong

And you don’t have the strength to stand

Or to carry on.


Sometimes alone is not right

And you can’t find a way

So let me take your load my friend

And carry it today.