I need a hero
I cannot save myself
I need a rescue
there is no better good
there is no self-control
there is no managing
there is only life
and death.

I need a hero
To fight all of my monsters
and spill their blood for good
and stain the earth
with my freedom.

I need a hero
the night grows weary long
and daylight has abandoned
my will has taken flight.

I need a hero
Come and save me.

I need a hero.

The Times

Here is the time of giants

Where swords will keep you safe

And maidens dance around great fires

To follow many wraiths.


The wizards plot in soaring spires

High above the land

And kings and queens around the earth

Are tiny grains of sand.


Here is the time of giants

Let heroes gather here

And make a stand for us all

Who tremble here in fear.