In The Beginning

I clutched that bible to my chest
To feel the magic in my bones
Whispers of eternity
That made me who I am.

The leather soft and worn by use
and time and turning every page
The gilded pages shine in light
But it’s the words that burn my soul.

Often I am scared to touch
And going near makes sore afraid
What lies within has holy weight
And I am but a man.

The questions and the answers found
Can be hard to live out here
But still I clutch my leather-bound
Trembling with my holy fear.


Genesis Chapter Ten

Nimrod built some cities
Two that stand out in faded memory
Babel and Ninevah
And now his name is an insult.

History has a way
of being slowly forgotten
and what was once believed
is often relegated to myth.

When the waters receded
and the three sons had their children
it led to a legacy
one that Noah likely never intended…
but here we are.

Does this mean we did not learn from the flood?
Did we, in arrogance on fire,
choose our paths to lead us where
our own hearts dark desires
would plunge the world back to the void…?

What did God think?
about Nimrod?
What do we think,
about God?