And Hearth, A Dream

There is an idea of home
One that is intoxicating.

Will you take my hand?

I like this chair right here,
but it’s also nice over there…
I guess it’s just a really great chair.

“Where everybody knows your name…”
Who doesn’t want that?

But words have power
and so does your touch.

“Suicide is painless…”
I don’t know about that first part but it does bring a lot of changes.

When you see green
I see red
The dead will rise again.

The light is God’s
Let it shine.

How Will I Know the Way Back Home?

I don’t know what to pray
I feel as numb with heavy limbs
Like lead fills all my veins
A small victory sometimes seems
Far too little
amidst all the growing agony.
To do right is hard
and wrong so easy
and so the world tears itself apart.
I long for companionship
but fear all sorts of pain
my old friend who eats at me
is both a comfort
and a fear
and small victories seem so small
and the road seems far too long
and death, like a friendly cloak,
lurks in the shadows of every room.
The light begins but finds such shade
and darkness steals the left and right
and we in finite final form
fear to tread at all.
Would you believe in all this filth?
Would you believe with strawless bricks?
The fog is thick even in day
and the way has grown obscured.
But faith, unasked for,
hidden deep,
holds an ember with a fire
burning at the heart to keep
all it’s holy right desire.
Explanations fail the heart
after years of beatings grim
but faith, from reason, not apart
holds a fire in the night…