If Only It Would Set In

Tell me all the parts
The parts you could not say
The things you wish I’d never done
And what they took away.

Tell me how the lies I took
Helped to make your life a hell
Tell me how the poison tree
Never was a wishing well.

Tell me how I hurt you
And what I took away
Don’t let me live in fantasy
Losing my own way.


Because I Cannot Speak

A Tragedy has unfolded
And still it carries on
And somewhere,
a beautiful woman will probably think
that if I am quiet,
or don’t call,
or seem short…
that it is all to do with her.

And this could be another tragedy
Another terrible unfolding
I will wake when it is over
that is,
if I wake at all.

And she probably doesn’t realize
just how bad it is
and doesn’t realize
how little I see
and how little I feel
no one ever realizes
when you are numb from pain…

They often think it’s something else
or perhaps it is just them
but when you lay there dying
And staring off in shock
you just can’t find a voice
and could not correct them,
and do not have the heart to try.

And so perhaps another tragedy
is unfolding as I weep my eyes dry
and I can’t move to stop it
will likely real
from the pain of it
if I make it through this situation…

What goes around comes around
So they tell me anyways
but I can’t think strait here at all
and can’t believe the world.

In my pain from something else
I may be causing hurt abroad
and this is cruel cruel irony
the kind that leaves a mark.

as I lay me down to die
and wait
for things that may not come
I wonder if the crashing train-
the one that is my life-
I wonder,
has it taken others out with it
on it’s final trip?