Please let me imagine a way to be free

Please let me see it in my mind

Please let me imagine a happy life

Please let my heart see.


It is hard to plan for things

When you don’t believe

When you cannot even think them

What is there to do?


Like a little kid with Santa

Is sometimes how I feel

When I try to see an ending

That is more than just a crash.

Advice to Radar

Sometimes it’s hard simply just to be

And you can’t imagine any good end

And if you can’t even end well in your mind,

How will the real life end?


Sometimes the hardest thing

Is being where you are

And time will not support you

Not even the littlest bit.


Sometimes you get stuck in your mind

Trying to find a way for your real life

Not succeeding you become lost

And you lose touch with the real.


Sometimes it seems unbearable

It being the thing

And what are you to do?

What are you to do?