A Thursday Poem- a draft of the first order

We all need community
And that means we need each other
And may be upset right now
And fight to love another.

To know ourselves is very hard
And to know another is quite the task
But there is no community
Without the knowing- and we must ask.

Ask each other more than petty things
And wait to hear the answer there
Which means we must expose ourselves
And do the same that we may share.

But this takes planning
And this takes thought
But if we love like this
Our fear comes to naught.

The Boat

The boat we sail is long and fast

And makes good time in great storms

And all life’s questions are here at last

But they tend to be about these forms.


And these forms, the trouble is,

They are of the boat,

And we are in the ocean sea

And have to keep afloat.


So how do we?  who want to know

Begin to map our quest?

When all the while we are at sea

Sailing to the west.


The things our hearts burn to know

Have this simple trouble here

They are the boat itself you see

And so you see we have this fear.


How can we, while afloat,

Make our queries count?

When we are out amidst the sea’s

Limitless fearful fount?