To the Little Hands

The day was left to other things

And I was left to find my way

The little feet made many steps

And feet became some miles that day.


I knew that things were not quite well

So I was on my gaurd to save

And traveling with my small hands

I did my best so I’d behave.


The bigger hands were shaky then

And mine were just so small

I knew that life would be quite long

And feared how I would fall.


I wished that I was big and strong

That I might make the shaking halt

But earth and sky and demons roared

And shaking I could feel the fault.


Oh little children hear my voice

The answers aren’t inside

Seek a giant in the hills

And stay right by his side.


Do not think that you will know

Do not think that you will find

Seek a giant in the hills

To save your heart and mind.