Throw it Back to You

I got lost a little while
and never found my place in line
and sometimes wondering was good
and other times it made me freeze.

I found hope a little while
and couldn’t shake it’s rock-like stance
and when I lost myself out there
It felt even more lost because.

I traveled on and on and on and on
until I got right here
So let the sound within the fire
ring till I see clear.



Yellow and black and worn back then
I burned you a bit on accident
You made a noise when I shook you round
And your felt antennae were always droopy.

You were a gift that I had got
And now I could not even say
Where you’ve gone just like the ghost
Who gave me life and gave me you.

Memories are hard to hold
but some are hard to lose
I wish that you were still with me
That I might just remember.