On a Thursday

And I just want to get
Closer to Him who saves
And fall down at His feet
To learn from all his ways.

Please help me Lord I feel
But feeling’s not enough
Decend upon my heart
Make smooth that which is rough.


I Would Listen

Though it pierce me in the heart
And draw blood in ocean waves
Though it tell me sweet sweet things
That there is love for me.

Though it tell me I must change
though it tell me I must move
though it tell me I must act
though it tell me I must wait.

Though my ears are deaf
and my tongue is dumb
truth is what I seek
and of course its love.


Here in the bright sun
With the hot wind at day
And the cold wind at night
With the sand
And the snakes,

Here the harshness speaks volumes
Speaks words we would never want to say
Speaks of our hearts and to our hearts
And here (in this wilderness)
Is the voice of God.

Let my heart be still
And let the words ring clear
Whether a whisper or a shout
From a friend
or an enemy
Let me listen in this place
and let what is spoken
sit in my bones
and may my mind and heart understand
What my soul has already learned.

We have all been many places
even if we never leave home
and what we look for
this is not inside of ourselves.