Brothers brothers here my voice
As you wait for judgement day
Death has brought you far away
And we no longer get to stay.

Brothers brothers as you wait
Know we shed so many tears
I remember all those days
And I remember all those years.

Brothers brothers laying down
Take your rest before it’s time
Once the trumpets make their sound
Some of you won’t be so fine.

Brothers brothers dead and gone
I wish that I could trade you now
Instead I’m left to soldier on
With no idea of why or how.

Brothers brothers in my heart
The pain has never gone away
I recall the very start
And now I’m stuck to wait each day.

Brothers brothers hear me cry
They don’t remember but I sure do
They do not know and some don’t care
But now you all have broke on through.



I’m going running today
I’m guessing you don’t really care
wherever you are
in heaven
or in hell
But I’m going running
I can’t run anywhere near as fast as you did
but then I never could quite catch you even on my fastest day
I wish you could have seen your family
and been with your child
but death did not cooperate
And time did not allow
And now you have a widow
But I’m going running today
Like we always did
And just like then
you finished first
I’ll look for you up ahead.

The Ice-Cream Girl With Big Large Breasts

remember that time we went out for thai food
and you had just found out
that you had to turn around
and go right back
to the sand
remember how cute the girl was?
the one at the ice cream stand afterwards?
they told me about your dreams
your nightmares
the ones that came true
they told me how the second time,
he didn’t miss.
I got the call
the telling me you were dead
not too long after that
I was in an airport
Everything went silent
I only heard my heart
and I just wanted to scream
and the beating wouldn’t stop
It continues even now…

Memorial Day

They put a rifle in my hand
but I never thought that I would make
They sent us here and sent us there
but I never thought when wars broke out
they would keep me home
They told us all so many things
But not how we could carry on
when we didn’t have
each other.
Every time I see a sale
I want to burn the fucking building down
That isn’t a memorial
but flames might make it so.