I can’t hear the angels sing
When I ride to town
But I know that Sally’s there
Working all around.

I know she’s not the one to stay
And not the one to keep
But Still I go to see her now
Knowing it’s not cheap.

But cost is a surprising thing
And hard to see from over here
But I’ll have fun tonight with her
And tomorrow pay quite dear.

That Waitress

Because the waitress can be nice
And already knows to serve
You want to ask her out
But haven’t got the nerve.

You make up your excuses
And tell yourself it’s right
But when her shift is over
You’ll still be alone tonight.

You know she’s very pretty
And can fake a pretty smile
And you know she works her ass off
Mile after mile.

She has a certain mystery
You wish you could ignore
But here you are again my friend
At her table through her door.

I’ll give you this just this once
It’s hard to start from scratch
But fires never burn a thing
Until you light the match.