A Mother

I don’t know the time it stopped
Or where the fallen limbs laid down
But when I saw your mother there
I knew that smile was a frown.

It’s not that she’s just crazy cocked
Wanky in the best of light
Her bitter makes her beauty fade
And stirs the peaceful up to fight.

When she left we all laid down
And some of us were still alive
But when I think she might return
I hear rejoicing from her hive.



“Happy is he…” or so it goes

Though never do I understand

But talking to me, it really shows

That I never understand.


Whispers of love fall from my faith

And hope shines like stars in the night

But blind as a bat I fall from the sky

Crashing in the middle of flight.


“Just get up and get out of bed…”

Or, “Try to do what’s right.”

Remember to listen to what she said,

And maybe you might gain some sight.