Distanced from our hearts
We find ourselves
As we promised
We never would
And thought
We never could.

And when we only feel
And do not think
We get even worse
And we wake up
in places
places we never dreamed
except in our worst nightmares.

And now we reside
In this darkness
And from here we seek the gospel
if it seeks us
and not from some high place
but from this pit
way down here.

Sing to me of your freedom
Tell me of mountaintops and clouds like skirts
That swirl and twirl and hide and reveal
And let me feel relief
and hope
if only for a moment.


Valley of Shadow

Do the dreams we dream exist,
Here within our dying world?
Are there hopes that take on flesh,
And long at last we see unfurled?

Is there light which makes it down,
Here below the canyon walls?
In the darkest valley, here,
Here beneath the thundering falls?

’cause we know that nightmares ride
hoof-beats echoing their call
Fears made flesh we know exist
We can hear them at the wall.

Silence takes us to a place
A place we fear we must go
Only there inside ourselves,
We begin to even know.

It’s not that truth lies inside
But there, is where we can see–
But there, is where demons hide
And hopes long to see us free.