Two Poems- A Call and Response

Here are two poems. The first inspired the second. They form the start of a sort of call and response (which is one of my absolute favourite things in poetry- because what poet hasn’t wanted to use this form of communication to actually communicate with another person…). The author of the first poem has a blog titled, “intotheindigo.” It is fantastic and QueridaJ is an amazing poet. Check out her blog to see the original poem in its original setting by clicking on the link above or on the link in the poets section on the right sidebar.

Rooted in Gaps

I push away
Wanting to be pulled
I shy away
Wanting to be sought
I turn away
Wanting to be caught

I yearn alone

I yearn alone

But I assume you know

The gaps they fill with silence
And wayward thoughts,
they cloud
The reality that you have made

I am grateful but selfish
wanted but needy
Loved but insecure

I realize….but will I reach?



I have lain in silence
and stared out into the ink
the darkness held me
as I dreamed for light
In my head I knew of hope
but my heart-
so stubborn a heart,
it was weak
and did not know much of my head.
I felt my need
but did not feel I deserved to have it filled
and so I waited in darkness
and felt the weight
of being
I hear through the distance
words of a kind God
and I hear the calls of friends
and now I must speak to my heart
and tell it of my head
and all the words that have come to me.
I pray that you are sought
and caught
and not alone.
We feel a thing
so strong to death
and our emotions
have a weight
but let us feel one happy truth
a washing of the slate.
Let gratefulness sink in
even deeper.

-Soul Walker


i marvel in its power and feel it anew
its soft immortal glow ever true
it becomes newly born in me
i see its light
i feel its warmth
i know its truth

recreating itself for just us mere two
yet existing before the very first two
there is strength in its tenderness
and passion at its core

however fitfully
i strain to contain its loveliness
it flows forth and becomes
the essence of us all.