Fear of Time and Heart

And then I realized I could not wait
for a feeling,
for peace,
for goosebumps.

It began to dawn on me
That a decision must be made
apart from the heart
to save the soul,
and everything else.

And I could no longer flee
when I was upset
but must needs always

I must read
and pray
when even I had sinned
and when the world
and brother sinned against me…

I realized,
or began to,
that even then
in all of those
I must approach.


A Glimpse of Hell Now Very Present

We delved in dark to flee the light
And did not trust from up above
and though so close to victory
we jumped right down the hole.

Our screams descended fast as night
And life was gone before we blinked
And landing with a crunch of bones
We felt the pain of sin.

We thought that we could ease our pain
And make it flee just for a while
and so we made it grow again
And now a monster lives with us.

Down in the hole we are not heard
except perhaps by God himself
but he had warned us many times
and we jumped down the same.

Our cries are mute to most above
The heavens a fading memory
And as we think on what we’ve done
Hope seems very small.