Changing Everything

But I want to give in
And give up
Better men than me could not change
And who am I?
I want to fall back into darkness
As it gently tears me to peaces from the inside out
In what world could I possibly ever hope to triumph?
In what world could I ever imagine changing?
Who am I that I should think I could be better?
That I could change?

I am nothing.

I am no one.

But then there was the incarnation.

Did not God become a man?

Blood and scales and screaming pain
I beg you to change what I cannot change-
My heart.

Forgive me and show me flying horses.

Restore me and let me be held.

Let that tiny seed grow.


Gifts We Cannot Earn

A late breakfast is better than sex.
That is probably not true
But it’s better than all the sex I’ve had
But that’s the kind you shouldn’t do.

In a church built with stones of prayer
Where the potluck reigns supreme
A broken-down automobile
Can seem like an eternity.

Repentance is a gift
A thing we mostly don’t quite learn–
or learn the hard way,
in suffering and consequence
and we wonder if we could ever
give that gift to ourselves…

An Ear to Hear I Boldly Seek

Tell me about repentance Lord–
The shock, the grave, the awesome death
Talk to me about the turning–
The the pain, the path, the happy rest.

Teach me about that better way–
The one with life and hope
Show me how I might not stray–
And gain purchase on the rocky slope.

Let me in that sacred door–
Where holy men have gone before
Make me as thine own dear son–
Righteous as the Holy One.

Give me turning from my pain–
The darkest hour sweetly calls
Raise me up to life again–
With vict’ry over soaring walls.

Revelation Twenty-One Four

There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed

And things that shouldn’t be done

And no one really wants to forgive

It’s hard toiling under this sun.


People say so many things

And they are sometimes right

But living out what they have said

Gets harder every night.


I don’t know just how to go

And where I’m supposed to be

But one day with the tears all gone

I know I will be free.