But the morning after I fell so far
And landed on earth with all these scars
And could not believe how I had marred
And could not mistake the feathers and tar.

And burning with shame I woke from a dream
But I was afraid of the shimmer and gleam
And would not hold on to that which seemed
To good to be true (or so I had deemed).

So this is my prayer in the morning I rise
I sing it to you as I look to the skies
It loses its words as it sheds its disguise
And I see for the first time through your eyes.


To See in Darkness as the Day

And yet this life with agèd sight
Once ringed in glory climbed so high
Sits now in darkness as the night
And all its wisdom is a sigh.

The view of age that should be clear
Became obscured by hapless act
And now the night is fast upon
And so the soul upon the rack.

And yet a light still now exists
That may yet break upon the shore
And grant raw visions in this night
That lead to life forevermore.