To My Brothers,

The old men send young men off to war

That’s How it’s always been

They give them weapons and enemies

And tell them to be brave.


The young men go away so strong

And come back not the same

They may live life and be someone

But no one gets the blame.


But friends and comrades have a way

Of dying in each war

And there is nothing for a soldier to say

For with words he’s taught to be poor.


But someone must and usually will

Say something for the dead

Do we know your fear or your courage?

Do we know your strength or dread?


The earth is covered with soldiers blood

And it cries to God above

Let us remember your sacrifice

And think of you with love.


We know that many were thugs and thieves

Violent aggressive men

But you gave all and we are here

Alive, sipping brandy in the den.


We know that many were so afraid

And took so long to die

And we weep for you our brothers

May God take you to the sky.


And those that live as broken men

Are hard to love sometimes it’s true

May you find peace even now

You are not alone.