That Song

“Oh great God give us rest,”
sang David–
Crowder, not the king,
but you know what I mean
I’m thinking of the Crowder song
and yearning for it
not for it,
but for the subject of it.



I think I might learn something.
Please let me learn something
(through or after all of this)

Shine down on

A New Drinking Song

We drink to happy moments gone
And futures bright with light of God
Let all endeavors move us on
Towards holy worship more each day.

We raise our glasses for the dead
Those we love who have gone on
And those we knew who paid a price
Let our lives not lose their love.

We pop the cork on this here day
To celebrate the things we know
Have been forgotten all the time
And taken for granted far too much.

Let light and love be in our hearts
When wicked men do wicked things
And give us all a pain so dark
Oh Lord we drink please let us in.

We do not know the way to go
We hope and pray to find it now
We thank the Lord above again
And raise our glasses with our fear.