There is a hush when you get closer to God
A stillness that cannot be compared
And every thing just falls away
As the gap is closed.

There is depth that you didn’t know
Ever could be plunged into
By a heart as broke as yours
And you feel it now.

There is a time that seems to stop
As you come to deity
And every waking moment cries
To stay within that place.

But there is a testing far away
The presence is not felt at all
And though we wish that we might stay
This is not how we will grow.

A Poem of Testing

It has been said
that faith will not grow
if it
is not

This seems to be true
and not quite the thing
that I have wanted
to contemplate for hours.

Yet meditation yields
Great returns to those
who invest with heart
and mind.

But what of faith,
and all this pain?
That spins the world
or so we think.

In the fire is made the steel
and to be tempted
must be human now
for even God
became a man
and was brought into
the desert.