Create In Me

They say that life is a marathon
And not the fifty-dash
I wonder at the metaphor
Every time I crash.

They tell me to have vision
As if I could just snap
And give my self a dream or two
Strait from Santa’s lap.

They say that life’s worth living
And this at least it seems
Has the ring of truth to it–
If only in my dreams.

I wonder at the way I go
But thinking is wiped clean by fear
And then the road gets very long
And other people’s dreams quite dear.


Searching Heart

Whiskey bottom hear my plea
I want to cry between her breasts
Let the aching cease to be
And let your arrows pierce this mess.

Death and boredom make their call
Reaching out to those in need
Feeding on the lonely’s fall
And drinking from the bloodless deed.

Never more we shout in time
A chorus of the aging heart
Whiskey bottom take my dime
Sing me to another start.

Soothing every seeping wound
Let The heart forget its day
Whiskey come and carry me
Take me home another way.


Things don’t always go as planned
We flirt with things we know are banned
And pay a price that scares the soul
And all those tales they take their toll.

The heart is tricky so it seems
And leads the body where it deems
We never really feel quite free
Unless we come to worship thee.

The blessings that we squandered then
Mock us in our dirty pen
See us to the open grave
At the edge we pray to save.

Death is all around us here
And we have made good friends with fear
Longing for the day you come–
Our ransom was a hefty sum.

I would flee and fly away
Give my heart the strength to stay
If I wonder how you go
Send your angels; make me know.

Searching for the Wizard.

Do you think that we might dance?

And laugh again the way we did

Or is it dead and gone our chance?

Some thing we had as a kid.


The morning brings so many things

And light falls gently on the skin

And as the day unfolds itself

Knocks echo off my hollow tin.


Creaking as I walk along

Wooden with my metal self

I cannot find the proper road

To much red from off the shelf.


But on I go and hoping still

But not so much today

Feeling numb I climb the hill

Looking for the way.

A Way In

Descent into that cold dark place

Deep beneath the waves

Brings all the fear I’ve ever known

Into my reality.


Looking down that dark dark field

At the hand reaching up

An angel beckoning me to come

An angel of death.


The cold is harsh this far below

And the pressure pushes in on me

All around there monsters be

Hidden in the dark.


Nothing in this life prepared

Nothing made me ready now

But here beneath the murky waves

I have entered in.


Into my own heart I went

Deep into the dark

All the demons swim around

Just out of sight.


The panic and the fear are fierce

The terror never been more real

Deep down in my own sad heart

I cannot feel the sun.