The Waves Would Speak to Thee

The sunset carried waves so far
That they forgot their home
And as they crashed upon the shore
They made a frothy foam.

The ocean has a deep cold feel
Where mysteries abound
When you find yourself alone
The waves will take you down.

Do not despair your weakness here
You are not alone
When far away upon the sea
You remember home.

The ocean is a magic world
Where you are not the king
And sometimes you can travel there
And hear the sirens sing.

But when their voices pierce the night
Don’t heed their haunting call
Pay no regard to that sweet breast
That beckons to your fall.

It is not so difficult
To lose yourself at sea
But finding home is very hard
The waves would speak to thee.

A Way In

Descent into that cold dark place

Deep beneath the waves

Brings all the fear I’ve ever known

Into my reality.


Looking down that dark dark field

At the hand reaching up

An angel beckoning me to come

An angel of death.


The cold is harsh this far below

And the pressure pushes in on me

All around there monsters be

Hidden in the dark.


Nothing in this life prepared

Nothing made me ready now

But here beneath the murky waves

I have entered in.


Into my own heart I went

Deep into the dark

All the demons swim around

Just out of sight.


The panic and the fear are fierce

The terror never been more real

Deep down in my own sad heart

I cannot feel the sun.