Time and Place

Swinging up and down
Back and forth they bounce
Hypnotized I lose myself
And wonder where I am.

The cold is in the air
The dark is in the night
The evil rests inside
And hopefully the light.

The moon it silhouettes
My eyes transfixed I watch
Gazing at the hand of God
His work so fearful now.


Out There

Walking through the hills I found

That deserts are quite dry

The sagebrush tells a stilling tale

And it’s you who must ask why.


Leaving off the finer things

To bask in natures iron fist

The wind blows dust across the hills

And comfort is what’s truly missed.


I embarked with thoughts on fire

And had them quenched with biting sand

The mother’s blowing chill desire

Is to see me in the land.


Death seems but a step away

And all the wishing is quite sad

But wind is blowing sand around

And happiness cannot be had.


So looking for the better thing

I walked into the waiting hills

And climbed upon the crumbling rocks

Until my soul had had its fill.

The Soul Looking West

The breaking waves that catch the skin

That rise and churn and fall

Are everywhere around the knees

And can’t be stopped at all.


The sand that flows like river tide

In and out and up and down

Brushes over all your toes

And never minds your frown.


The ocean lets you gaze out long

And never blames you for the view

But when you stare out at the sea

You’ll find it staring back at you.

About the World

The poet tells us everything

Just not about the world

Oh sure he knows a thing or two

Yet it’s biography he’s hurled.


We may learn a little here

And just a bit right there

But about the man himself you see

Well we’ve gone everywhere.


The poet tells us oh so much

About his own deep soul

But about the world around us here

Not so much at all.