The Word

Preach to me preacher
For the godless comedian speaks to my pain
Preach to me preacher
For I am alone
In the midst of our people
I am alone
God’s word cuts deep
And I do not think I can bear it
Preach to me preacher
And let me be hewn asunder.


In The Beginning

I clutched that bible to my chest
To feel the magic in my bones
Whispers of eternity
That made me who I am.

The leather soft and worn by use
and time and turning every page
The gilded pages shine in light
But it’s the words that burn my soul.

Often I am scared to touch
And going near makes sore afraid
What lies within has holy weight
And I am but a man.

The questions and the answers found
Can be hard to live out here
But still I clutch my leather-bound
Trembling with my holy fear.