At a point that many reach
is a view that stills the soul
But you cannot see it free
If you are full of love and hope.

There are ways to love a girl
That mimic echoes of divine
And would teach us how to reach
But we so happy cannot see.

There is truth that shakes the earth
And rips the heart and soul in two
And it will be a rock to cling to
If you somehow make it through.

Let the life be drained from me
to the point that I may see
and let my heart give in to thee
that I may be truly free.

At Night

Tired in the fullest sense
I run until I can’t no more
And mama told me the world would kick
I should a’ listened better.

I can’t control what I believe
and so I cannot walk away
may I listen to my mama
before she leaves me here.

The pain is making things so hard
and I just want to lay it down
but in the snow the reaper waits
and I can’t just give up.