Will Someone Teach Me…?

I think I should learn to dance
So many analogies of beautiful things
Compare those things
To dance…

So why not dance?
Dancing can be beautiful
And beauty holds a connection to truth
(though what we could not say)
And truth is necessary
For real love-

both to give it
and to receive it.


Dear God,

Help me with the weight of heaven
It presses on my soul
I feel it when I see her eyes
And long to be made whole.

Help me with that grace’s burden
It weighs me down so low
I feel it when I see her locks
And yearn for I don’t know.

Help me with such gentle comfort
It hurts to try and dream
I feel it when I hear her speak
But I’m too worn to scream.

Help me with my own forgiveness
I cannot see the way
But when she smiles the troubles fade
And night becomes the day.

What is beautiful?

What is beautiful?
Is it an aesthetic ideal?
Is it a certain shape or colour?
Can we tell it from another?
Do we pass it every day?
In the streets we never see?
Do we miss what lies beneath?
Do we see what shows up front?
Can we tell if we touch?
Is it something to compare?

What is beautiful?
When Eve was first upon his eye?
Did he think to ask for more?
Or different?
First of women she was there
But surely beauty isn’t this:
“better than a goat.”

But what is beautiful?
I’ve seen a baby make me cry
Just because of beauty
But some are fat and some are thin
and some are round and some so small
And some are sick and some are well
but everyone I ever saw touched me in my soul
with their beauty.

What is this beautiful?
It makes you want to cry out
and sometimes cry
it cannot be denied
and does not care for explanation
and somehow seems connected
to Truth.

But what is beautiful?
Am I tuned to see it here?
Could I sift it from the pain?
Could I even say a word,
That made it clear to see again?

It is here but I can’t speak
It is there but I can’t say
I know it when I see it near
As I pass it every day.


I want you in the darkest night
Your naked form to comfort me
Send me home when it is time
Take me as I want to be.

Cut through all the sitting mist
Shrouding thoughts I had to love
Send me home my sweetest girl
Show me things from up above.

The raging sea fights war with land
And death is at the door
Send me home my heart’s desire
And teach me to want more.


I used to stand for something

But one too many times I have been knocked down.


I used to live for something

But one to many friends have been destroyed.


I used to love someone

But one too many times I have screwed it up.


All fall down and all destroy

And every gift conceals a ploy

And life is not a thing to praise

Or so it seems to me today.


I used to wait for someone

But now I wait for death.


I used to dream of someone

But now my dreams despair.


I used to want something

But now I do not.


The play that played inside my head

Has turned into a blood so red

That ships upon the sea do turn

To steer away and watch it burn.


I used to see so much possibility

But now it is quite dark.


I used to think that I was strong

But now I know I’m not.


I used to think that I was right

I used to think that I was right…


I used to