A Note on Unity

I would like to extend a big hearty thank you to everyone who submitted poems on Unity. I was pleased with the results. It was small, but I am intrigued by every one of the poems. Bravo to you poets. I think I will do it again… only next time with a name for the whole thing. Feel free to comment on each other’s poems indefinitely. I know that I have to read something several times and let it sit if I want to say anything meaningful. Cheers.


The Heart, Above All Else

The world is in pieces
And so is my heart
Fractures, divisions, and lies
The mind that was whole
Is lost and apart
From all that was righteous and wise.
I have seen in the sun
the burning of souls
that war and rape and kill
but I am beset in my darkest soul
with evils that take their fill.
There is a war
That rages inside
And this is what breaks me each day
All of the fighting
That people decry
For this, it has nothing to say.
Let there be peace
Inside my own heart
And maybe the world might matter to me
Let there be war inside my own soul
And I would see it burn that I might be free.

-Soul Walker


Lost in our peaceful and tranquil accomplished state.
We drift along symmetrical lines, genuine soul mates.
Never before have euphoria I felt Happiness and harmony from this warmth I could melt.
We are the ties that together do us bind.
Fitting pieces to a puzzle, we are one of a kind.

Gone is the void that stole away our youth.                                        
                Made us tell lies when we knew what was truth.                      
                            No more abuse on our bodies no tricks played with our
mind.                               We unite as a whole, an alliance, togetherness
Our eternal love is so strong for each other a force to reckon with we are to
Though partners of equality we have chosen the same path.                          
    Wishes are granted without need for such wrath.
Our display of solidarity is mapped out for all to see.
An everlasting bond neither one of us will free.
Drawn together by attraction the seed of compassion has been sowed.
Standing hand in hand teetering on the brink awaiting welcomed promises together we

In unison ' forever and never shall we part'.
Our words echo amidst the dew top mountain side as our bodies crack and
crumble against the unforgiving merciless black tide.

– darkestangelica


Note: the formatting for this poem proved difficult to reproduce (in large part due to the length of some of the lines). My apologies to the author and the readers.

Joined Without Touching

That one budding branch stretched to bees
That one branch dropping petals down low
That muddy path under the dripping trees
That sparkly sand lining the trail we sow
With our crumbs of memory charging no fees
We wind connecting threads our hearts to tow.

So we weave a tapestry to crosshatch divergent roads
As the winds and the tumbles of time pull us back
Away from near-misses and crossed agendas in codes
And we sting up high and bog down low giving no slack
To all the wishes and the starts of bearing the loads
Pulling tight the threads of life’s fibers without a crack.

copyright 2012 Rose Byrd


“It’s the Circle of Life, And it moves us all” – Lion King

to reach across the world to
feed the hand that bites you

to caress the lamb’s skin
yet know the wearer’s face

drink from the vessel
that quenches its own thirst

leaving the sands of time
upon parched tongue

writhing to curb the grains
of truth from