I saw you in a dream
sitting at the piano
you wore a fedora
and your red hair was like falling flames from underneath that lucky hat.

You sang into a microphone
and I wept to hear your voice
but you did not sing of pain
(though you played it).

the room was still as I stared
Like a creep
or a lost puppy
depending on your mood
I was in dark
gazing at the light.

play on I say
let the keys call their hammers
and let them fall upon the strings
as each word you sing into the mic
gives birth another dream.


The Soul Looking West

The breaking waves that catch the skin

That rise and churn and fall

Are everywhere around the knees

And can’t be stopped at all.


The sand that flows like river tide

In and out and up and down

Brushes over all your toes

And never minds your frown.


The ocean lets you gaze out long

And never blames you for the view

But when you stare out at the sea

You’ll find it staring back at you.