Hoping (With No Immediate Signs) To Love

“I love you”
Something I’ve said before
Do you remember how scary it is
To say it the first time?
And sometimes that first time
Is not scary at all
Until after
Because it just spilled out of your mouth
Without any plan at all
And then you realized you meant it
After it was said
And froze like a deer in the headlights,
Waiting for a response


Stand and Wait

If you have spoken
You will come through
And you will continue to lead
In various ways
You will always get my attention
And so you have it
Please do not stop teaching me
Please do not stop loving me
I know that you have already said you would never leave nor forsake
And I know your word stands true
But I did not know how hard it would be
To wrestle my own heart
I am afraid
Please do not leave me

Waiting For You

I wonder how often someone has waited
For me to let them in
Or open up
Or give them an answer
Or pay them attention
Or take their hand
Or show them kindness…

I wonder this now
because I wait for you
I hold no expectation
But must I not dare to hope
And how often we think it is a small thing
And does not matter
And so we do not answer
And so now
As I wait
May I remember to answer those who perhaps
Just maybe
Are waiting for me.

A Waiting in the Dark

Call me here in time of war
That you might see what I am for
For all the times you’ve wanted more
As you lay with your sweet whore.

Listen well as I draw near
Waiting with your lurking fear
Afraid of all that you can hear
Drowning in your bottled beer.

Let your shaking sobs you rue
Bring you closer through and through
As the night is hard on you
Crying just for something true.