Waiting to wake up
Waiting to see
Waiting for things I don’t believe can ever be
Waiting for happiness
Waiting for God
But I never seem to wait long enough and then comes the rod
Waiting for direction
And waiting for me
Waiting for a place and time that I can learn to be
Waiting for justice
Waiting for you
Waiting for mercy’s rain to make it through.
Waiting for time
Waiting for blues
Waiting for a day when I want to choose.
Waiting for sunlight
Waiting for the Son
Dreaming about the day He dries those tears, every one

A Song of the Women

The old bards are singing their war hero songs

But I can’t believe that the men are all gone

I know that they’re valiant and courageous and brave

But here in the village the silence is grave.


So give me your hand and lets fall to our knees

And pray for our heros that they may believe

Let all of our fighters return to their homes

And safely we’ll dwell in the land we once roamed.


Now let us be vigilant to hear their steps

The day will arrive and we must dress our best

Not all of our brothers and sons will come home

So we must prepare to wail and to moan.


The wood for the pyres is cut and stacked high

The priest is well-tended and waits by and by

Our hearts which have waited are anxious and grim

But we will be steadfast and wait for our kin.


So ready your hearts and steady your hands

Do not begrudge those reunited again

Though weeping and wailing we know we must stay

And love our whole village so every day.


Come home father and come home son

Speak to us brother as you have done

Watch them o Lord we hope and we pray

And give us our legs for our darkest day.

Not Yet

I am tempted by your eyes

And a thousand things that I disguise

And all the wile I wait to see

Just what it is that we will be.


But not of love and not of hate

And not from heavy mornings late

But from the place where I can hide

And dream of you here by my side.


I never thought that I would be

And yet I am and so are we

And while I wait here in this room

I know one day that we will bloom.