Despite My Haulting Sorry Pleas…

I watched you as you watched me
And pleasure was the game
And though I wished that you had joined
Still I loved it just the same.

I looked at your expression
As I carried on
And in the light of evening time
I saw my first clear dawn.

You smiled as you watched me
And then you tendered what I dreamed
And as I rode the wave to shore
Your expression fairly beamed…

I soaked in every smirk and smile
And as I rode the wave I waved
And you saw all my drunken wiles
And waved back just the same.

I do not know where this shore is
I do not know just where we are
But this is an incredible night
And I can say this though you’re far.

As we gazed into the depths
Of each other’s souls
I know that I hoped for what is best
And that you would be whole.