Many Days

A soul must walk for many days

Before it finds its rest

And though it suffers greatly now

It yearns for what is blest.


Many trials come its way

And many tears are shed

But a soul must walk for many days

before it finds a bed.


The path is not what it would choose

And despair is always near

But a soul must walk for many days

And pay with what is dear.


There isn’t time for all the things

That it would wish to see

And every hour of every day

Brings another step to be.


There are times when light is scarce

And dark is all it sees

But a soul must walk for many days

Before it finds its peace.


22 thoughts on “Many Days

    1. It is the first poem I posted on this blog and the poem from which the blog derives its name. I’m glad you found it. So far (of all the ones I’ve posted) this is the one I wish people would read the most. It is also the one which I find myself reading again… and then again. Cheers.

  1. One of your very best, but I think you already know that =) Someone once told me that a part of a poem’s worth rests in how it makes you want to read it over and over again…this poem is very guilty to that! =) Take care, Que

    1. I find practice helps. I also used to rely heavily on a thesaurus and rhyming dictionary, and while I haven’t used either for more than a decade I am sure I am still reaping benefits from my time spent with them.

  2. “And pay with what is dear”

    I imagine in “real life” you’re bubbling over with myrth (heheh..) but I love the bittersweet notes in most of your work- that’s able to reach me.

    By the way, my new Lensbaby lens has finally shipped. I honestly thought it would be several more years before I could have another. Now I have the camera AND the special lens I love- thanks. xo

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