The Morning Perspective

There are days with sun like silk
That open you to things unknown
And people who are wholly built
To change the way you see the world.

Nothing falls quite so far
And rises once again
As a man who’s chased a star
And come out at the end.

Lifting up with gentle song
The singing birds in chorus sing
And if you want to sing along
Maybe that is just the thing.



The world is dark and scary
It really is quite bad
If men were birds they’d fly away
And leave behind the sad.

The ocean has a power
It teems with life and mystery
It’s beautiful and dangerous
And men fight hard just to see.

The heart and mind are casualties
In time of war and hated chance
We forget to even look
For a song that we might dance.

Upon the sea, a sailor dreams
And on her ship the sun sets fire
And all is beautiful out there
A golden peaceful pyre.

It burns with life and not with death
And the sailor dreams away
And when it sets the stars come out
And who then could miss the day?

The sailor sees so many things
And in her beauty rests the sea
She is voyaging through storms
But peace will come for her to be.

The waves may rise above the mast
And threaten with a rocky shore
And there are depths unknown to man
That have claimed the lives of yore.

But the sailor is on the sea
And that is where a sailor lives
And that is where she’s meant to be
And the sea, to her, a life will give.

Though the sky be veiled as night
And winds will rage and break the day
The sailor is meant to be at sea
And there She journeys on her way.

Raise your glasses high my friends
To the bravest soul we find
Though she may at times be scared
We know the sailor’s heart is kind.

Raise them higher still and sing
Of the one who dreams at sea
To the sailor we salute
May your dreams so come to be.

-Pour Le Sailor


There is a newness in each morn
However faint and hard to feel
That takes away a little scorn
And makes the good a little real.

There is a light in blazing sun
That, though it burns the skin so hot,
Lights the way on our long road
And shows us what we never thought.

Let the morning filled with dew
Or dry like bones among the sands
Lift our hearts a little too
And lead us now to happy lands.

Le Clown

Face paint and noses do not describe
The grandeur and pomp in each sweet cheek
Oh how you’ll love him when he walks
Oh how he’ll be that thing you’ll seek.

He may have an ego the size of the sun
But his love for you children is desperate large
He may have a problem with awesome and fun
But things will be better when he is in charge.

I know that you wonder just how it can be
How can one man be so touching and strong?
But his magnificence is something to see
Of this I am sure that I am not wrong.
-Pour Le Clown

It’s Hard To Hold It In Sometimes

I switched to rum at midnight
And dreamed a silent prayer
And hoped for things to work out here
And maybe over there.

I watered all the plants
And took the trash outside
And dreamed I wasn’t terrible
And you had what you need.

Nothing’s on and I should sleep
But it doesn’t always take
Perhaps I’d say a thing or two
If you were eating ice-cream drinking wine and sitting in my lap.

When I Couldn’t Sleep and You Didn’t Call

Drinking Whiskey from a tin can cup
Rocking in my rocking chair
The fan is spinning overhead
And I just think of you.
I think a lot more intensely than
I expected (when you didn’t call)
And I see that maybe I
Feel something myself
But let’s not rush things quite just yet
Still so many different things
That would have to change
For us to fall into each other
And learn to love again…

Kissing and Wanting

Do you think I want to be alone?
Or do you think I don’t believe because of you?
Do you think I seek the perfection in another that does not exist in myself?
I have my desires
And I even had once hopes and dreams
And maybe you could help me see
That there is reason for me to rise
Rise out of this dirt
But I do not need or want
For you to be some sacred god
And if the real one uses you
Then would you not be happy yet?
I need all the kisses kept
For the day when you would find
Peace on earth and some sweet faith
And then I’ll kiss you back.