Loving Gomer

Sometimes we don’t realize
Just how much the things we don’t say
can really hurt
hurt the people we do not want to hurt.

Sometimes we know and don’t care
Sometimes we are so blinded by our own hurts and fears
That we don’t understand much at all.

But regardless I hope to find myself
Loving as I should love
Not to be a doormat
But to do as I would want done.


Cup of Friendship

I feel alone in gentle sun
And soon the scorching will return
But in the morning while I sit
I ask you for this thing.

I’m still a dog in many ways
And dogs they like to play
But I’m alone here in this sunrise
Waiting for I know not what.

I have some difficulties now
Putting words to my request
As if the need was shameful too
And I was somehow wrong.

Words have power so you say
And I am often sore afraid
As if by saying things go away
And never come again.

The hardships in this valley low
Leave me in a weakened state
I need a friend to help me out
Before it is too late.

You know best I do believe
But I don’t know just how you work
And mysteries breed doubt and pain
Within their beauty as they lie.