Dark Paths Towards Light

And still a fractured self
That hurts and bleeds and cries
And still is slow to trust
Still afraid to obey
Still afraid of stillness.

Does this story end well?
Do we make it out alive?
Is there hope not just then,
but now?
Is this life worth living at all?

How do you trust this Jesus
This God made man
This one you never saw
And never
felt his skin.


Your head,
not kept up
Your eyes,
empty and still
Your shoulders,
low and hunched
Your voice,
a whisper.

I do not stop for coffee
when I have no hope
and it is hard to speak to God
here in this desert.

But seeing you
I am reminded
of this sad thing:
I am not alone
in hurting,
in grieving,
in pain.

But it has grown hard
hard to take on another’s pain
hard to love
hard to comfort
when I have such little faith
and even less hope.

But I see you stranger
I see it in your eyes
I know that this moment is misery
And if you would just look at me
for a moment
you would see
that you are not alone.